concrete struxure

The one scene that stuck with me this morning is that I was in a large concrete building with tall ceilings that was just the concrete structure — its large round-arch windows were just openings to the outside — while it seemed to have levels both above and below ground. It was an overcast day. Extending from a lower level was a large rectangular-section tunnel leading out at a diagonal; it seemed almost to be a pipe leading into a cistern, which was the large hall I was in at that point. There were places up higher along at least the south edge of the building to look down into the larger spaces. A few other people were around in various places within the building, I think. The scene was maybe part of a movie plot, and the main transpiring event at that point was that waxy petroleum was beginning to seep from the walls, and starting to flow from the diagonal tunnel into the main lower chamber. There was talk about the reasons for this, but I don’t remember specifics.

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