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city slopes

There are several scenes I recall that seemed to flow into each other in the dream, but now they’re discrete vignettes:

  • on an early, misty, cool morning, I and a number of other people were at a house in Hancock on the east side of a north-south road running parallel with a ridge; the west side of the road was open, while around the house was wooded, but there was a far view visible out to the east beyond. The house was simple wood construction with somewhat spartan plywood interior finish, but then in the middle of the eastern edge of the house was a concrete pool partly inside and partly outside, with the wall coming down to nearly the top of the pool, but up enough so that daylight streamed in through the pool space.
  • Later I was in a dense city on a sunny mid-afternoon, its gridded streets aligned with the cardinal directions, which was bounded on its western edge by a substantial ascending slope stepped by retaining walls. The steps started directly at the edge of the westernmost street. I think there was also a tower nearby built into the near edge of the slope, a bit to my left from where I was looking at the steps. This ascending slope is one of the more vividly-remembered recurring motifs through my dreams, and I recognized it as such within this dream.
  • Then on the east side of the same city was an ascending concrete 45° slope up from the streets that was bounded on its own eastern edge by a fast gently-curved highway with a pedestrian bridge crossing over it from the slope. There were standing rectangular ridges running up the slope, regularly spaced about 2′ apart or a little more and maybe about 3″x6″ in cross-section. The slope was tough but feasible to climb up, because the concrete was quite rough; a bunch of friends were hanging out on it, still on the sunny mid-afternoon. Together with the stepped slope to the west, it gave the city a bowl or trough configuration.
  • Also on a sunny mid-afternoon, maybe the same one, I was at a farm with lots of adults and kids around, almost as if a fair was going on. Immediately to the northwest of my vantage point was a field bordered by a tall wooden fence (it was a sort of post-and-lintel fence, with an open view through; the wood was darkish brown); tall tobacco was planted in it and draft horses were pulling plows or something through it. One guy near me had a little dog, maybe a corgi, wrapped in a blanket, and he was teasing it, kind of batting it around playfully, and the dog was putting up with it surprisingly well. I joked with him how the dog was going to snap at some point.

glass birds

The one thing I still remember from LAST night is being in the woods in fall, on an overcast day, I think, with the ground covered in fallen brown oak leaves and sloping slightly down toward the north. Approaching from the southeast, I came upon some glass birds that were usually in our house; there were a few largish ones, like maybe some life-size ducks of frosted glass, which flanked a group of smaller ones (that exist IRL) which likewise flanked a group of very small hollow glass figurines (also from RL) that I had to move in close to see. I wondered why they were there and was pleased that they seemed to be in good condition despite exposure to the elements.

German stream

The one scene I remember from last night is that I was with my parents on vacation in Germany; it was somewhat early morning, with the sun shining from the east-northeast, and we were in a wide-open, mostly grassland area at a large but untrafficked road that ran east-west through it. Off in the distance to the north was the edge of forest, and maybe to the south too. We spotted a stream flowing west just north of the road through the grasses and rushes; it was difficult to see because the grasses occluded it in many places. The terrain dropped off maybe 15′ just to the west, quite steeply just next to the road and more gradually a little further away, which caused the road to have to cantilever over it. The stream cascaded down the embankment there before resuming a leisurely pace at the flatter land at the bottom of the slope and eventually emptying into a south-flowing river off in the distance to the west. I walked off the road along the embankment to check it out more closely; it was quite interesting to see the exposed substructure of the road/bridge from that side. Somehow sunlight was shining through between the road and the spot on the embankment I was on. After getting close to slipping off the embankment, I walked further on and climbed down the gentler part of the slope to investigate further. I think maybe there was a town visible off in the western distance past the river.

temp map

The only bit I remember from last night’s long sleep is looking at an online temperature forecast map for the US and seeing a zone of very low temperature in the Mississippi Valley, including STL, so that it looked almost like a line of flame along the river (blue flame, I guess?). I remembered more after waking but didn’t note anything down then, and this is all that stuck. Funny since IRL it’s supposed to frost around here tonight for the first time this fall.

hexagon colony

  • From a bird’s-eye view from the southwest, looking down onto the south slope of a mountain-sized sand dune, with the sun shining from north of east, I saw an ascending series of hexagonal grass-covered pads that were arranged along a spine going up the slope, maybe a stair; the pads alternated from one side of the spine to the other going up the slope. I think there were maybe also windows or and/or protruding or subtracted volumes in the pads. They had interior space; at some point I was inside the top one, which had glazed walls from the northeast to the south, letting the sunlight in generously, plus some maybe sloped clerestory windows. The posts and lintels between the windows were curved in cross-section, almost blobby, and there were words in an informal thin-stroke hand-lettering style all over them and maybe elsewhere on the walls; I remember associating the words with current events.
  • I was reading the latest issue of TIME at the kitchen table in NH on a sunny mid-morning, and the last-page column was by Téodor (maybe ghostwritten blog-style by Onstad, or maybe in this case it really was T) — there was a painting of him on the page — and it had to do with current national politics.
  • There was some sort of group project I was working on at school, and I had just received a large flexible blue plastic sheet (about the size of a full board of plywood) that had been lasercut and needed to have popped out. I was with a number of other students in a workroom with cinderblock walls and no daylight, though perhaps it was after dark. The sheet flopped all around as I took out the cut pieces, and I was glad to have plenty of space to work.

bend road

The whole set of scenes I recall from last night occurred on or involving an asphalt road in a deep, mossy, coniferous woods that went east, then bent around toward the south, and then further on toward the west, going uphill all the way. Inside the curve of the road was a sort of shell structure with a stage that was set up as a TV studio set, and an episode of Sesame Street was being filmed in it when I went by. The shell was quite light, seemingly made of deep brown wood paneling in a rather undulating or amorphous form, and it was held off the ground by slim posts. The stage was a similar color. I saw the whole thing from a bird’s-eye view from the south. I watched the episode later on (or more likely the watching was mixed in chronologically with being there) and saw that the road was in plain view on screen beyond the set, with passersby walking up and down it without interacting with the filming; this turned out to include, during the end credits, footage of me partly falling off my bike and catching myself as I tried to pedal up the slope of the road. Luckily there were people blocking the camera’s view of me just as I fumbled, so it wasn’t as embarrassing as I had feared. Up where the road headed west, the slope finally flattened out and the road terminated at a rather deep, rectangular hole in the ground that was the same width as the road and extended a good distance further west. Going south from the end of the road was a path toward such as a clearing that seemed possibly magical — I remember a sort of cinematic blue glowing smoke phenomenon happening along it. In another location (it seemed from what I recall to be the interior of a large long-haul vehicle like a submarine or a camper or starship), I drew an elevation/cross-section of the road, facing south, for some of my friends who were present, in order to explain the happenings, I suppose; it was just a simple felt-pen outline with the road bending up and back on itself and then the wall and base of the hole continuing the section. This helped solidify my memory of the road scenes after I awoke, I think.


It was a sunny midday, with the sun filtering through trees. I was at what seemed like a small farm carved out of the woods, its clearing only maybe an acre in area; the land sloped down slightly toward the north, and a driveway ran north-south, exiting to the north, presumably. There was maybe a main house to the west of the driveway, while on the east side of the driveway near its southern end were two little gambrel sheds, only maybe 6’x6′ each, sitting next to one another east-west with their gables aligned, and they were connected by a passageway. The first one, the one entered from outside, had some stuff in it, probably gardening tools. The second one, however, was free of contents and had a simple painted plywood interior finish, but built into it were various boxy protrusions making sitting spots and so on. The base paint on the plywood was white, but there was a new still-wet light-pink coat over that. Outside (to the south, between the sheds and the woods, or just into the front layer of woods where the trees were widely spaced), there were ducklings, I think (again with the ducklings, see previous post) and my friends and I amused ourselves by imitated the running motion of one of them whom we were acquainted with (who had a specific name like maybe Philippe) by running in quick short steps down the driveway, along with Philippe.


  • In my apartment building in STL, there was a room downstairs that seemed to be a little convenience store, with refrigerated food cases and fluorescent lighting. I was there after dark, or near dusk, with a few friends; I mentioned that I’d just discovered an Indian takeout restaurant just across the street (one house to the west of straight across), and for some reason struggled to get them to understand what I was saying about it. I then discovered a delicious-looking falafel sandwich in the cooler against the west wall, which rendered the discussion somewhat moot, as I had mostly been trying to move the conversation toward dinner possibilities.
  • At home in NH, I think, my dove was walking around on the floor of the upstairs hall, and with her was also a new brownish duckling (adorable) that wanted to play, but she wasn’t so sure — i.e. the stereotypical old pet/new pet relationship.
  • I was with a number of classmates in maybe Mexico City, at a smallish, quiet plaza with low buildings to the south, a low wall to the north with much lower land and an overlook beyond, steps going up to a slightly higher plaza area to the west, and shallower steps also going up to the east. It was late in the afternoon; in fact there seemed to be veiled sunlight coming from the northwestern horizon. In the northwest corner of the plaza was a largish tree, and near it was, I think, a tomb, pretty much just a waist-height large rectangular stone block, with maybe a coffin-sized hole in the middle (although that didn’t seem to be occupied). Now that I think of it, it actually reminds me most of the RL outlook squares on Toompea in the old city of Tallinn. Anyway, for a little while we seemed to just be hanging out there; I walked up and down the eastern and western steps. Eventually, though, led by our hosts, we formed a sort of parade line and dance-marched south along the western steps, through an archway to a street in or beyond the first layer of buildings, looped around to the left and came back to the plaza, some of us celebratorily air-drumming all the while.

Hoher Kasten

  • It was a sunny, crisp day, and I was in the mountains in Appenzell, walking up a trail toward the summit of Hoher Kasten, which was to my southeast. The trail, which initially was grassy and weaving through meadows and trees, joined up with a dusty, rocky vehicular road after a few minutes, so I continued on the road, staying out of the way of cars. Once at the summit, I intended to hike down to the next peak to the north, Kamor, and then to explore further south along the ridge as well, in the area of the Sämtisersee. At the western edge of the summit area was an overlook high above a parking lot to the east, which was mostly shaded by evergreens along the south edge and bounded by buildings to the north. I met up with my parents there and had to adjust my route plans, I think.
  • At another point, I was watching a scene at a bridge high over a large river going by a city; my point of view was from the surface of the water some distance removed from the bridge, on its south side, but it seemed I was watching footage, not actually being present there. People were jumping into the water from the bridge (for fun, not suicide) and one guy got tossed into the water by a huge hand (that didn’t seem divine, but rather just a big, mischievous disembodied hand). As he came back up to the surface after his dunking and swam toward shore, the guy looked behind his shoulder to make sure the hand wasn’t going to pull any more tricks.


It seems that there were multiple scenes that took place in a slightly ramshackle building that reminds of our RL garage in having multiple small rooms of various sizes, finished in various ways. At one point I was in one of the rooms, only about 7′ north-south and somewhat longer east-west, with daylight from the north and west and a doorway in the south wall; there was a coatrack to the right of the door and a bench along the north wall and maybe more coathooks — basically it seemed to be a mudroom — and some members of Sonic Youth were there as well. Lee’s red-and-black flannel coat was hanging on the coatrack by the door and I accidentally knocked it down, and then picked it back up and replaced it; he didn’t seem to mind.