second moon

Hey oops I forgot to finish and post this yesterday! So this is from the morning of the 27th.

  • I was on an ocean-linear-size ship, but it seemed more utilitarian than that, as though maybe it was a big ferry. I was up on a partially roofed part of the deck, and the ship was seemingly near the coast somewhere, as a smattering of people were looking out at the view toward the northeast and northwest (the ship was aligned north-south). I then looked at some large HVAC-exhaust-like volume in front of the high wall of the ship’s superstructure. The sun was hidden behind the superstructure; it was afternoon, and I was on the north side of the superstructure. I saw a bundle of heavy-duty power cables running horizontally along the wall of the, um, superstructure and disappearing into the HVAC volume.
  • While I was riding in the car with my parents, perhaps in a non-snowy wintry time of year, so that we were driving through stands of bare deciduous trees mixed in with wide open spaces, the sun got toward setting in a beautiful, fiery milieu of clouds; as it was pretty much setting, I noticed the full moon risen at the other end of the sky. Then I noticed a second satellite, at least as large as the moon in apparent size, in full phase; deep, round-edged craters indented its surface. It sat back closer to the sun but high in the southwestern sky; we conjectured what consequences its presence would have on the orbits of the local planetary bodies, hoping that nothing would end up crashing into Earth.

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