plaza business

It was morning, starting cloudy, I think, and I and someone else went into a version of Driscoll — not the normal Wms configuration, but rather in a wooded area with a descending slope to the east yielding a view through the trees, and with a sort of plaza on the west side. I think there was a road or path running north-south on the opposite edge of the plaza. I only wanted to go through the dining hall to get out the other side, which was somewhat complex due to the need to card in, but after going up and down some stairs or levels I was able to exit onto the plaza. There I discovered that the roof of a porch extending into the plaza from a wing of the building to the south was made of thin-shell concrete, which was rather impressive. At that point it was sunny and crisp. Reality moved one level away as I watched vivid DSLR footage of trees and sky to the southwest of the plaza, which then moved on to an investigation of sculptures in the plaza. To the northeast, by the north edge of the building, was a piece consisting of long white tubes, square in section and a few inches wide, stacked up on each other, running east-west. They were pierced with apertures of various sizes and shapes along their length, and the camera looked down the length of one tube at the top of the pile and kept zooming further and further in, revealing more and more varieties of apertures as its focus extended in, with interesting daylight results. Then, right after that, I think, a smallish canopy (seemed blanketlike) in the northwest corner of the plaza appeared to have a very large caterpillar climb down it (on the upper side of the canopy, so only the caterpillar’s shadow was visible). I seemed to be bodily back in the plaza to see that, and thereafter to notice a small, opened cardboard box on an adjacent table; it contained stacked raw eggs (which were out of their shells but sort of gelatinized into half-avocado configurations) with a peach fragrance that were supposed to maybe incubate into frogs or something, but we were skeptical about that.

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