Colorado mountains

The one scene I remember from last night is that I was riding in a car with some WU friends; we were on the southern outskirts of St. Louis and driving north toward downtown. It was afternoon, and the sky was thick with a warm-tinted haze or fog of varying density, so that it permitted far views in some directions. I was astounded to suddenly see a high snow-capped mountain to the north; it was several degrees of arc in my field of view, but it turned out that it was in Colorado, so it was extremely huge. The closest IRL experience I can think of is being able to see Izta and Popo from the southeastern outskirts of Mexico City — this mountain was a similar apparent size, but of course much further away. The others in the car seemed to know about it already and be surprised that I hadn’t noticed it from the city before. My mind was blown wider open when I noticed another slightly higher mountain beyond the first one, and then another yet higher one beyond that; the furthest one had blue sky behind it, as opposed to the nearer ones, which had haze/fog scud and land behind them. As we drove further into the city, the mountains seemed to shift around to the west (which of course makes more sense in terms of the RL relative positions of St. Louis and Colorado). I fumbled around to get my camera and snap the view of the mountains before they went out of sight, and I managed to get one alright picture.

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