found lake

The only scene that stuck with me from last night is one of the coolest I’ve experienced in a while; I was out in the field at home in NH with my parents and maybe some neighbors, as something was going on with the sheep, maybe they were being moved. It was around the middle of the day. Anyway, we proceeded into the woods to the west of the field, and we soon reached the rocky shore of a lake that I had only had a vague awareness of previously. It was bright and sunny, with a nice lakey breeze. Some people who appeared to have a house on the lake were sitting on the rocks a ways to the south. There was a concrete wall extending maybe into the water near us to the south, and a concrete platform appeared, or I noticed it suddenly, in the water just to the southwest. On the platform was a big horizontal gas tank, and there seemed to be smaller gas tanks elsewhere as well; in addition there was some sort of superstructure over the main gas tank.

Soon after that, I was riding in a car with my parents, going north on the road from the house, and the lake was now visible even from there, and furthermore so was a cluster of high-rise city buildings on the opposite shore. I lucid-dreamed very precise and varied buildings as we drove along, commenting to my parents that their detail was remarkable for being dreamed. Which it was.

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