Just a couple of vignettes:

  • I was on Main St in Hancock in the late afternoon, and the sun was lowish in the southwest, although it was still very white, as on a day with super-clear air, and because of its low angle, the shadows from the buildings on the south side of the street had swallowed the whole street, and it was rather dark, though the sky was still bright. The buildings were also taller than IRL, amplifying the effect. For some reason it was a very unusual time of day for me to be there, and as a result I didn’t remember ever seeing the shadows like that previously.
  • I went on a ride on an overcast day in a motorboat, seemingly over land; we started out in a woods clearing like IRL in Maine and headed south out into a wide-open mountain valley with wet-sandy/stony terrain, with a nearby high mountain ridge to the south, running east-west, and with flatter, further vistas in other directions. I left my iPod charger cord in the grass in the woods clearing, which I was annoyed at myself for doing. In the mountain valley, the sky was still mostly overcast but had a touch of end-of-the-day pastels. At least I think the ride started in the glade and moved into the valley, but I may be conflating two separate scenes.

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