rivers & mountains

From the 25th:

  • There was a river running north by the road next to the field at home; it was perhaps the Contoocook, as it turned out to form the border with Greenfield. As I looked out over the field from the upstairs of the house, there was a curious stormish/sunrise/evening-type glowy side light emanating from the northeast, and river water washed over the field, which was fine because it provided needed water and nutrients. Later I drove a bridge over the river at night, and ended up driving through a loading dock doorway into an industrial building on the left side of the road.
  • I was with a few other people up on a high summit in northeastern Switzerland on a sunny late morning; there was view south toward St Gallen/Appenzell/Toggenburg, but it was confusing as to how far the view went — whether it was all the way to Graubünden or just a few miles. In, I think, the same area, there were sheep in a field on the east side of a north-south road with trees shading the field along the south edge and a similar view as from the mountain out to the east and southeast. One sheep bit at my shirt a couple times and I got annoyed, but I didn’t stay mad at it for long. At another point, again in the same milieu, maybe a little further north along the road, I was looking at large maps of Switzerland hung on projections of the north wall of a dining hall that seemed mostly outside — there were tables and people sitting at them eating, but out in the open, shaded by trees, with mottled sun coming through.

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