The night of the 23rd, I somehow remembered a crazy amount of scenes. Here goes:

  • I was riding in a car, probably with my parents, on a northern extension of Antrim Road, which led from a sunny clearing to a wooded area (near Marienfeld maybe); to the west was a cleared but brushy corridor parallel to the road, which eventually led up to tundraey mountains; it was skiable in snowy times. I think I have actually experienced this (these) setting(s) in my RL dreams before, and within this dream, in the car, I discussed how in dreams it represented an unforeseen extension of normal ways of things.
  • This, I think, segued to a 90s-vintage virtual reality tour in arctic Norway, where I was floating low over the ground, which was sprinkled with ericaceous plants that were labeled with the floating words “bok” as the Norwegian name for them (cognate with “bog,” maybe) and something like “bokare” as the term for a whole area of them; they were covered by a translucent mesh that was supposed to be snow but was sort of faceted and old-school-graphics.
  • I was partaking in a long running race, with an out-and-back route. At the finish I seemed to be looking at myself from a distance, over an athletic field to what seemed to be a plaza in front of a building where the finish was located; I was semi-swimming/floating into the finish. It was a sunny midday. One of my friends, standing out on the field, was narrating my race experience for me to newspapers. At another point, on a cool, misty morning, I was at a table at an outdoor cafe among trees in a parklike place, where there were other participants as well.
  • Maybe in the same scene, there were rayed-sun-shaped quilts fluttering about in (multiple) plazas by the athletic field.
  • I was playing a game with a couple other people in the upstairs hall where we were sitting on the floor around a small table that I think had some sort of tape player on it, and when we started up the tape, we and part of the room spun quickly around; the spinning part of the room included the doorway to the southwest, so I after a while focused on it to avoid getting dizzy.
  • I was standing in a hot tub inside a small room with a south window and a door to the east, in the middle of the day, washing off with Dr Bronner’s, and I changed some of the jet settings.
  • On a cloudy day at a crowded beach in NYC or Long Island, sea tortoises were going into the water; I was standing watching them; some large people were sitting on blankets under umbrellas nearby, next to a dropoff concrete edge into the water like the edge of a pool, and they had possibly been, either that or turned into, beluga-like whales. The scene then transformed into a living room, the concrete edge becoming a couch setup, and some people were casually jumping acrobatically on and off the furniture.

After waking up in the middle of the night and going over the above scenes so as not to forget them, I then dreamed quite a few more scenes:

  • I was sitting out at a cafe table, on a balcony slightly elevated over ground level, on an Ullanlinna-like street on a crisp clear early morning, with the sun low in the northeast. One of my XC coaches came by with his XC team running a workout and stopped to say hi.
  • I was walking with a number of friends along a street/linear park combo at night; it was dark at first but then we walked north along the street to a fluorescent-lit area, where we discussed the species of the trees with a local guy we met. I bought something at a walk-up shop on the east side of the street.
  • In a hallway, seemingly the south end of the upper-grades hallway of my middle school, I discovered that my deodorant, which was maybe stored on a shelf there, was basically out; it was shaped like a hairbrush without bristles, but thinner, black in color and with a fine washboard texture on one side, and the deodorant was dispensed from the top edge.
  • I rediscovered a plastic bottle of honey I’d brought home; there was wax atop the honey inside the bottle; the bottle had one cap and one pin-sized hole. I tried to figure out how to get wax out; I opened the cap and the bottle was suddenly a plastic bag open at the top. I fished the wax out and tried to get all the honey from it but had to rest it on a bowl of grain in the kitchen to clear up some space on counter, which was covered by other storage containers and cabinets.

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