piano lesson

From a nap this afternoon: I was playing an upright piano somewhere outside in a wide-open area, though I was looking at piano music the whole time, so I don’t have a good idea of what the surroundings were like besides that. I was in the shade, though, or it was cloudy; I was facing south sitting at the piano. There seemed to be some other quiet goings-on, maybe a few cars around. I was taking a lesson from a Santa-Claus/bearded-Saddam-like old master sitting to my left, and I was going over the final lines of a song, which for some reason did not extend all the way to the right side of the page of music. I kept losing my place as I looked down from the music to the keys, and the teacher suggested annotating the page to help me remember where I was. So I wrote “START” in pencil next to the first truncated line, and maybe “END” by the last one, just to differentiate them from the middle lines better. It wasn’t all that complex a section, but I kept having a lot of issues with it.

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