mill complex

A diverse tableau:

  • It was early evening twilight at Spruce Ledge. I was with a few other people at a field (like one IRL right near home in NH) with a bit of a view out to the west. From there, I guess, I rode in the bed of a pickup truck, with hay bales and a dog, I believe, on a dirt road that circled all the way around pond, including around the south side (like Maine Dowel IRL), except that there were camphouses along that stretch with a view down to the pond and a nice view out to the west/northwest beyond. Proceeding back up to the main house, the road became an extremely steep climb, eventually exceeding 45 degrees, and it seemed for sure like I would fall out the back of the truck — I felt like I was floating up out of the bed, looking back down the hill. Luckily I avoided that somehow and we parked up by the main house, which was on the northeast side of the pond.
  • I was riding in a car north along Antrim Rd in the Mill Rd area, and I noticed several wooden buildings that I hadn’t remembered, all of them painted in barn red. One had its upper stories cantilevered over the road, the next was built up and over the road, touching the ground on both sides, the bridging or cantilevered ceilings of both being flat. After that was a complex of timber frames for mill infrastructure that extended over the road several times. In retrospect this was an extremely cool mental architectural ensemble.
  • A number of friends and I, along with a lot of other people, were in what appeared to be a large school, with a central tall, round, suspended room connected by bridging corridors to the rest of the building. It had large windows around the sides and rounded upper corners, and maybe a circular domed window at the top. It was nighttime, and there were fireworks being set off outside right around the round room; the view of them had been great in a part of the building next to the room, but since they were closer to the round room, I went there, and the fireworks were hard to see except for the ascents and eventual descents of the sparks on the snow-covered terrain surrounding. All I saw of the finale of the show was the fireworks being let off machine-gun-like (and seemingly horizontally) at the ground.
  • At home in NH, on a dim day or maybe at twilight, I discovered that stored inside the monitor of my laptop was an extra, rather thin and flexible, monitor that could be pulled out from the left edge of the known monitor. I pulled the extra monitor out and experimented with moving windows from one screen to the other, which worked quite well. For some reason I seemed to have the laptop propped up in the window of the kitchen door, and the extra monitor eventually morphed into the mesh screen of a window to the left of the door, but it still worked.
  • I was immersed in a dramatic Terry Gilliam-like stop-motion animation, set seemingly on rooftops and in rooms for the most part, about the university origins of Monty Python, which culminated in the appearance of Graham Chapman and his defection from Oxford to Cambridge to start his writing work with John Cleese (this was not based in RL, obviously).

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