roof stairs

  • I was riding with some WU friends through the village of Bennington on a crisp, sunny afternoon; we commented on how all the old barns there had lots of space between their siding boards. To the northwest of the village was a lakeshore. We stopped by the shore, and a dog like Snoopy rode by on a jetski.
  • I was in a living room lit just by very indirect daylight, sitting on a couch with quite a few members of a family I knew (or maybe of my extended family), all of whom were rotund. We were talking about the logistics of an upcoming outing to a restaurant. More rotund family members came by and sat down during the course of the conversation.
  • Later, I was walking on flat roof in a Middle Eastern city on a cloudy day, among a line of people, as if walking down a street: there was a woman ahead of me and several men behind. Once she got near the end of the roof (which had a person-height wall around it), the woman walked down a small spiral staircase going into the building, while I took a large spiral stair (clockwise) next to it (as the stairs were gender-separated), and the men followed. The steps were quite large and seemed carved of marble or some similar stone, and the last few were narrow treads but still high risers, so I kind of skipped down them, grabbing onto the railings on each side, down to the inside floor. I proceeded through a warren of rough-plaster-walled, low-ceilinged rooms and emerged back into the apartment of the living room from before. I made a mental note that there was egress to the outside directly from the apartment, to quell the feeling of claustrophobia arising from the difficulty of finding one’s way back to roof stairs. It turned out to be Jon Arbuckle’s apartment; I had entered through the kitchen, where there seemed to be evidence of lasagna preparation.
  • At some other point there was heavy rain at home in NH, and water was ponding in the usual places (Lake Dowse, the southeast rink) as well as, I think, in garden beds in the backyard, counterintuitively.

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