two-day room

The last dream scenes from last night were a confusing cluster of events in a confusingly shifting collection of settings, so I’ll just list the elements of them (and I remember fairly few at this point anyway) without trying to recall the chronology: there was a daytime gathering of friends/classmates and we were taking pictures, maybe with both film and digital cameras; it was in a middlingly large room in what seemed to be a building within a city block, lit just by bright daylight; the building’s front face was west-facing, on a midrise block on a north-south street (I went outside to the street at some point); later on, maybe the next day, there was a ceiling-high pile of stuff in the room or maybe an adjacent room, including some boxes of popsicles about halfway down the pile, which I think I extricated a popsicle from, and I think I took a look at some prints of the film photos that had been taken previously. At that point, the room seemed to be in a building in a rural area, with open ground to the west that sloped gradually down to a small pond; it was a sunny early morning when I was outside looking down to the pond, with the sun coming from the east-northeast.

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