shore sunset

At the moment all I recall is being in a city like San Diego in the evening, stretching from just before sunset to duskytime; but the water was to the east, and I was with some friends on a sidewalk on a north-south road paralleling the shore but about a block’s width away from it. The sun was setting in the south, maybe a bit southwest. The road sloped down toward the south a little bit. The area between the road and the shore was mostly parklike, but we had come from a compound within it that consisted of a low building with a yard fenced off by a heavy metal fence, the gate of which we were able to use our ID cards to enter, much like at Woodbury IRL. We were walking north on the road from the compound, but I had to turn back to get one of the bags that I’d left in its courtyard. I ran back fast and swiped in to the gate, at which point I had to show the guard who walked around the corner my ID. I ran back north on the road but missed my objective, which was to see the sunset from the slightly higher ground to the north — it had already gotten dusky everywhere.

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