skylit garret

Oops, almost forgot to update. The only scene I still remember from last night is being in a well-lit room under a shallow-pitched roof, the room about the size of a living room; it had white walls and ceiling, with I think a low-shag wall-to-wall carpet, and maybe light blue trim around the doors and skylights. There were multiple skylights, not that large, but enough to bring a lot of natural light into the room. The roof ridge ran east-west. There were no windows in the walls except that the east wall had a window into another part of the building. In the white room seemed to be more or less the whole Helsinki group, and there were perhaps drawing boards that we were at, so it seemed to be a studio space. Meanwhile, through the window was another studio area, finished mostly with wood, which was being used as an actual architecture office. There was some communication between us and them, and perhaps some hijinx, I forget.

I also remember looking through a book of curious maps (surely provoked by checking Strange Maps IRL before bed last night), perhaps while in the studio room. The map I remember best was of North America; superimposed on a mostly normal topographic map of the continent was a line of sun orbs stretching from east to west across the northern US, with the suns varying from totally clear to maybe clouded over, according to the prevailing weather of the regions each sun was on. There was an intersecting line of suns on a north-south line at about the longitude of San Diego; the San Diego sun in particular was clouded, I think (thanks to May gray/June gloom). In addition there seemed to be a depiction of water rushing from a basin in Eastern California out through a channel between the mountains to the Pacific, or maybe vice versa; at any rate it clarified the nature of the nearby suns for me somehow.

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