A smattering of rather vivid scenes:

  • I was outside the garage at home with my parents on a sunnyish, windy day, when dried-out sunflower heads started raining down, though not in large quantity — more like a sunflower shower.
  • I was driving south at night to a medical complex for a school-mandated physical; it was miles and miles in extent, like the largest industrial development ever, and according to a (possibly mental) map, it took up much of the MA Berkshires, though I seemed to comprehend MA as NH. Different parts of the complex were labeled by number and name, and I kept going by more and more of them, thinking I had missed the one I was supposed to stop at, but luckily I saw the right one in time and took a plunging exit from the elevated highway I’d been driving on down into a labyrinth of buildings. I made it into where I was supposed to go and, I think, saw some classmates there.
  • At a rest stop on bus trip with class, on a morning, I picked up a churro from the floor of the store we were at (main exterior face and gas pumps to the north) and put it back in the right place (there were about six kinds of churros on the churro shelves). I went downstairs, down a dark-brown-paneled stairwell, to the bathroom; the first stretch of the counterclockwise stairs was impinged upon by a sloping plane from the right wall, so that the each stair was narrower than the one before it and the bottom one was only a few inches wide. I came back up at seemingly a whole different time of day and the store was closed, so I just cold took the churro I’d picked up off the floor from its shelf, to eat.
  • I watched a post-sunset twilight outside the cabin in Maine, apparently, and for a while it was pretty mainstream, but near the end of the cloud glow, there came to be volcanic-like, deep violent red and gray towering clouds, so I snapped it with my camera, successfully but with some difficulty.

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