These are the remembered scenes from last night (there were even more for a while):

  • my dad and I were making a large quantity of sauce in a frying pan, heating it on the range; it contained quite a bit of butter and perhaps broth of some sort; for some reason it had to be transferred from the pan to a smaller pot, after which it overflowed and formed large pieces of crust around the pot.
  • I ate a really delicious meal at a Korean restaurant that I was at with some friends. It was so tasty that I either lucid-dreamed about how it almost seemed real, or actually woke up right after the scene and it seemed almost real. Anyway, I think a scene followed thence where we were riding in a car to Venice Beach after the meal (in the afternoon, sun shining), and one of my friends who didn’t like Korean food and hadn’t eaten much at the restaurant got three cheeseburgers from a street vendor for $4 each.
  • At another point, I went out to a familiar west-facing rocky/sandy shore on an overcast day, and I came upon an outdoor sermon happening there, with a bunch of congregants seated in wooden chairs, right on the beach. Later, in a seemingly adjacent location and time, I entered a restaurant that had on its menu a great deal of build-your-own-pasta options. Examples of some of the dishes on the menu were somehow displayed on the wall, the food staying on the plates even though they were hanging on the wall. One prominent option appeared to use crimini mushrooms as a base rather than any pasta at all. I think I ordered, received, and ate a meal, but the direct memory of it has vanished; the recollection stems from thinking after I woke up that with these multiple meals, I had eaten well in these dreams.

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