wide train

– I was in an airport, except it was laid out rather more like a school, about three stories high and with one glazed circulation area with ramps where the whole height of the building was within view, and with another more interior stairwell where the intermediate landings were still open to the floors immediately below and above (as they stuck out into the spaces) and from which a couple of times I tried climbing up onto the railing and then onto the floor above (and succeeded the first time, but the second time, going to the top floor, the footing seemed unsafe and I gave up).

– Perhaps in the same scene, I boarded a train in a large station similar to the lower parts of the Berlin Hbf, except the building was open to the north side. The train was at least partially open-air, and it was extremely wide, more like a large ship than a train. I stationed myself up on a bunk at the top level, which was simply open to the air, and wanted to take a nap. The train left the station and curved left, heading toward a southbound bearing, and the sharpness of the curve caused my water bottle to roll off the bunk, bounce down onto a lower deck area, and thence off the train. There was no way to retrieve it, of course, so I woke up in exasperation.

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