parking garage

From the 21st (night before last): the only thing I remember really clearly is that I was driving a car, a minivan, probably, with several friends/classmates as passengers in a city, possibly Barcelona or somewhere similar, and I parked in a garage, where the car was going to stay for a couple of weeks while we went on a trip. The garage was rather cavern-like, with vaulted openings (actually, it was a bit Gaudí-like in that respect as well); I parked by the first opening to the left side of the entrance, which was a large, translucent window with yellow light shining in. That seemed to be the primary source of light for that level of the garage. Anyway, we went on the trip, or at least things happened in between that I’ve forgotten; when we returned, I was dismayed to discover that I had unwittingly parked in a 45-hour spot, which meant that I had run up an approximately $120 fine, displayed on a ticket on the windshield. I paid it right away online, so that when notified about the fine by a parking agent soon after, I quickly communicated that I’d already paid it.

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