rivers and ponds

From naptime:

  • The setting of the first scene I remember was a couple of places near to each other, one along a small river with a town along the north bank and more open land on the south bank, ringed by hills maybe in all directions; the other place was another clearing to the east of the first, visually separated maybe by forest; it was late afternoon, going into sunset, seemingly winter with the sun setting in the southwest. Eventually I was writing a story down — visible in large text at the bottom of my field of view as I was writing it and partially experiencing what I was writing about. I was writing with Hemingwegian concision about a natural disaster that progressively befell the places. This event was a storm (a heavy blizzard/windstorm as I was seeing it) that was so severe that it caused building collapse in the town. Both before and during the storm, there were dark clouds overhead but clear sky close to the horizon all around, so that there was sunlight or bright daylight from the southwest the whole time.
  • In another scene, I was walking home from a school session (a summer session like RL SD, seemingly) for the third year in a row, at a somewhat later time of day than previous years, so that as I came to a spot I recognized (which was actually the only part of this walk that I remember occurring in the dream) during evening twilight where I had previously been in the afternoon, I enjoyed seeing the different conditions and took out my camera to snap them. The place was the east bank of a river, with a grassy trail extending north along the bank and another very straight one extending due east; the eastward one continued into the interior of a building whose door was open and that was lit by fluorescent shop lights, and everywhere but the trails was woods, including a line of trees along the riverbank, so I could only see a small amount of the building the eastward trail went to. The initial impetus for taking the camera out was another, small building at the SW edge of the junction of the trails, only ~6′ each dimension, the memory of which has become vague but which was maybe somehow modernistic but with a gambrel roof, and maybe red in color, possibly illuminated from the inside; there was also a bit of port-like infrastructure near it on the riverbank, concrete pads and metal railings and hooks and such.
  • At another point I was talking to a classmate about the drive to SD and back and all the incredible landscapes we’d seen along the way. We were in a room of glossy materials, maybe a meeting room or classroom or exhibit room, with late afternoon sunlight streaming into a northwestern part of the room.
  • At two other points, one on a sunny afternoon and the other on a sunny mid-morning, I was walking back, maybe connected to the aforementioned walk, through the land of some neighbors, which contained two small roundish ponds (that I could see) surrounded by land sloping up semi-steeply but smoothly from them. In the morning, one was to the north and the other was to the east; in the afternoon the directions were turned around to south and west, respectively. There were some bed-sized, slightly-built wooden frames at the edge of both ponds, one of which in the eastern pond I seemed to try to climb onto.

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