From an afternoon nap on the 20th: the scene was in and around a low, glazed building sitting at the base of a grassland valley running north-south, on a sunny afternoon. There were two androids in the building working at a table with a small, very powerful drum-shaped magnet that was actually another android, which would fly a long distance across the valley if let go. In order to allow this to happen without it hitting anyone in flight (there were other people inside and outside the building), one of the androids (who I might have been by that point) went to one isolated area of the valley, higher up on the slope, let the magdroid go, and it launched off, flying toward the west. Another scene was in a similar steppe valley & afternoon, though maybe cloudier, in rural Mexico City (the southern edge of the Federal District) with the class, and we were on our way to a large supermarket that was underground, both physically buried inside the hillside and also not known about by the general population.

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