Monthly Archives: June 2010

breath snow

From, I think, the 23: I was seemingly in the Pacific NW, in a rural area at a house somewhat like in RL NH, extended north-south, with evergreen trees in various stands around the edges, the driveway on the west and apparently a view to the east, although it was nighttime and therefore impossible to tell for sure; there were outdoor lights shining from the house, but it was dark beyond. It was cold and humid enough that the moisture of my breath froze and fell to the ground as fine snow, illuminated by the house lights, which was pretty neat.


From an afternoon nap on the 20th: the scene was in and around a low, glazed building sitting at the base of a grassland valley running north-south, on a sunny afternoon. There were two androids in the building working at a table with a small, very powerful drum-shaped magnet that was actually another android, which would fly a long distance across the valley if let go. In order to allow this to happen without it hitting anyone in flight (there were other people inside and outside the building), one of the androids (who I might have been by that point) went to one isolated area of the valley, higher up on the slope, let the magdroid go, and it launched off, flying toward the west. Another scene was in a similar steppe valley & afternoon, though maybe cloudier, in rural Mexico City (the southern edge of the Federal District) with the class, and we were on our way to a large supermarket that was underground, both physically buried inside the hillside and also not known about by the general population.


From the 19th: I was back in Mexico City (where I’d been IRL with the class a couple weeks earlier) on a clear, frosty morning. The particular place I remember was a parklike area on the north side of an east-west highway at the point of a highway exit, where ramps spiraled down to the side roads; the park’s grassy and rocky areas continued underneath the highway, with the rocks covered with an ice glaze in places. One of my friends went up on the exit ramp and sprinted back down toward the rest of us (there wasn’t really any traffic to contend with).

compression glass

Hey look here we are at the end of another month, and halfway through the year. Forthwith are the June entries, starting with the 4th:

  • I was riding somewhere with my parents after the start of rain, seemingly in a city, maybe in an area like that of the southwestern edge of San Diego’s downtown, near where the trolley goes by the convention center (but maybe I’m misremembering).
  • I was inside a building with a translucent glass ceiling; it had horizontal steel tension members and an additional partial layer of glass boards in compression, which was pretty cool from a tectonic standpoint.