Monthly Archives: May 2010


From last night (the 31st): I was riding through a town in NH on a late afternoon, which had lots of tall narrow wood houses, arranged in a dense jumble, which was urbanistically quite interesting; we went by a channelized river and tributary at the trailing edge of the town, which was also very interesting, given the RL summer studio’s area of study. Either on the same ride or a different one, I had a birthday gift that was meant to be brought to the brother of a classmate, whom I hadn’t even met before, as well as a bin of recyclables that I was supposed to deposit somewhere; I ended up not really sticking around at the party or giving the gift, but wasn’t really sorry, since the whole setup was so illogical. I just returned to the school library whence I had departed with the gift and recyclables still present.

field house

From the 28: many scenes revolved around what seemed to be the same building (one-story, maybe brick) in a field in a semi-arid area, maybe with a couple of trees adjacent, and with the field having long extents east-west; these occurred at different afternoon times, but all in sunny conditions. They included riding in an ATV around the building; at another point, one of my classmates (the whole MUD class seemed to be living there at that point) promised to give me a drum that he had, but I woke up before receiving it, to my chagrin.

LED walls

OK here we go, gotta do these last few quick. From the 27th:

  • I was riding along an elevated highway westward at night by houses with whole walls as LED screens apparently showing stills from animes. It seemed to be an East Asian megacity.
  • At another point, I was in an old Swiss town on a sunny afternoon; the land sloped down eastward. I was standing by a fountain, and was asked by a friend or someone whether I was going to Carlsbad (which was in Germany) to see a football match, but I wasn’t going to because of the game(?) being Marxist and because I had too much work to do.

high-rise atrium

Final review time + drive from STL to San Diego + busy first week of school in SD = too many things on the mind to remember much in the way of dreams. However, I do finally have a vivid recollection from last night: I was in a skyscraper-height enclosed atrium bounded by buildings in downtown SD, on a late afternoon. The roof of the atrium was a steep-pitched glass roof (almost certainly inspired by the oddness of the steep roofs of the RL waterfront Hyatt). I wanted to replace the roof to make it more reliable and durable, so I started laying out and cutting a large sheet of cellophane on a drafting table before realizing it probably wouldn’t work so well. Someone opened panes of the roof to vent, which created an excellent vertical draft.