padded turf fields

From the 19th:

  • There was a white-porcelain slide inside a house, in a similar spatial situation to the stairs at home in NH IRL, sloping down toward the east, with daylight at the top and base. It contained three basins or trough areas, smoothly connected to the slide parts of the slide, at the top, middle, and base. I think I was standing on a flat area on the north side of the slide, whence was also some soft lighting from a table lamp. A few of the SNL cast (Andy, Bobby) were there.
  • In a totally separate scene were athletic fields with, to my surprise, newly installed soft, padded turf fields among them. I seemed to be crawling to the right (west) of the curving golflike path over the padded fields. The edge of the woods was somewhat close to the south-southwest but further away elsewhere, with a particularly long view to the south-southeast, and there were no signs of building.

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