From an evening nap on the 13th: I waited for over an hour (from about 6 to 7 PM; it was a blue cloudy twilight during that time) at a tram stop (in the Forest Park public golf course flats, or somewhere similar) with friends to go home. The track curved around southward then eastward; the platform was on the west side, with the track at grade. With each passing tram (all traveling south), some bumps in the ground along the tracks just a little ways to the right of the platform seemed to be ground against a little worse by the tram each time. Once on the correct tram (at which point it was still overcast but with a more nearly daytime-like light level), I had to look for the stop at the road, Kulmi, that my house was on. The brass skeleton key to the house had stamped directions on which stop to get off at and where to go; I missed the stop and kept consulting the key for what to do then, and I think I got off at the next stop to walk back to Kulmi. Near Kulmi the area the tram was going through seemed to be fairly open to the left (the south) and wooded, with thickets of trees right by the tracks, to the right (the north), with Kulmi fairly concealed on that side by the trees.

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