hill base trail

From the 5th: I was near home in NH, just across the road from the house, pushing/ghost-riding the Saab along/near an additional dirt road that curved down the hill to the east (it was a mostly open area besides a few trees). I kept pushing it up along a bank to keep it from getting stuck; I was being led (by one of my WU friends) to an area at the base of the hill, in the woods, where there was a compact, bounded sort of open area, like an outdoor vestibule, with an opening to a trail continuing further east. Once I went down there, instead of being a basically overcast, early-spring forenoon, it was a green-season afternoon (with northwest sun) and the vestibule area was facing north, not east. It was maybe a chapel of some sort; I talked with a friendly guy who was working on it about it; other people were around too. There was a sharp cliffy climb back up to the south and it jutted out on the west side as well; the northern edge of the vestibule or part of it was an almost benchlike, raised lip hanging over the slightly lower ground level of the woods beyond. The trail/road proceeded north from there, as mentioned, and disappeared into the woods. A seemingly connected bit of the dream had me and maybe some others following the trail/road quite a ways through the woods and discovering that it had to jog around a house lot that was in the middle of the woods.

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