cruller fire

All right wow, let’s see if I can get this whole-April backlog done by midnight (i.e. Mayday). (The only thing that motivates this is to have these show up under the correct month in the archive list.) From the 3rd, naptime:

  • I was reading a reading titled “The Civil War of [?]” (where the term I forgot was not ‘factories,’ but something related) — referring to the Industrial Revolution — it was part of my Metropolitan Urbanism (one of my courses this semester IRL) reading. A small group of us were reading/discussing it in what seemed like a locker room, but more domestically finished — a narrow space running east-west with wooden benches along the edges, with a door on the north side and more space in the room to the south and east. I seemed to place-daydream about the eastern woods edge of the cemetery in NH as well.
  • In the same scene, there was a spread of weird dessert stuff on a small table in the west part of the family room at home in NH, which included: a gravy bowl of melted chocolate ice cream; cherry juice; crullers, one of which my dad and I tried topping with the “sundae” things and then lighting on fire. It actually tasted rather good after that, unbelievably.

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