From the 22nd: while riding east on a highway with my parents through a boreal or maybe alpine, piney/lakey area on a latish morning, seemingly in early spring with the sense of snowmelt strong, I spotted “COLSON” written ahead in the distance (I was sitting in the left rear seat), close to the horizon, in cloud letters. I somehow knew right away that was a beer ad (the word clearly seems to be a mix by my brain of “Coors” and “Molson,” which I don’t think I even knew at that point are, coincidentally, in the same company IRL). It went in and out of view behind trees; as the road bent slightly toward south, the letters revealed themselves to be hovering at the opposite shore of a lake we were going by. I got one passable picture of them with my camera. As we proceeded into more heavily forested area with the trajectory closer to due south, it was almost 11, and I was annoyed at myself for sleeping in so that we couldn’t get an earlier start. An earlier scene had been in a spacious, somewhat dim, maybe gray- and black-finished hotel room I was staying in by myself, maybe the night before. The bed (with yellow sheets, positioned seemingly somewhat centrally in the room, but near the north wall and maybe with a half-wall just east; there were windows to south and probably west) had been lit with an incandescent light on the north side the previous evening and maybe that morning as well, with sunlight also entering from the south windows then.

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