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From the 22nd: while riding east on a highway with my parents through a boreal or maybe alpine, piney/lakey area on a latish morning, seemingly in early spring with the sense of snowmelt strong, I spotted “COLSON” written ahead in the distance (I was sitting in the left rear seat), close to the horizon, in cloud letters. I somehow knew right away that was a beer ad (the word clearly seems to be a mix by my brain of “Coors” and “Molson,” which I don’t think I even knew at that point are, coincidentally, in the same company IRL). It went in and out of view behind trees; as the road bent slightly toward south, the letters revealed themselves to be hovering at the opposite shore of a lake we were going by. I got one passable picture of them with my camera. As we proceeded into more heavily forested area with the trajectory closer to due south, it was almost 11, and I was annoyed at myself for sleeping in so that we couldn’t get an earlier start. An earlier scene had been in a spacious, somewhat dim, maybe gray- and black-finished hotel room I was staying in by myself, maybe the night before. The bed (with yellow sheets, positioned seemingly somewhat centrally in the room, but near the north wall and maybe with a half-wall just east; there were windows to south and probably west) had been lit with an incandescent light on the north side the previous evening and maybe that morning as well, with sunlight also entering from the south windows then.

padded turf fields

From the 19th:

  • There was a white-porcelain slide inside a house, in a similar spatial situation to the stairs at home in NH IRL, sloping down toward the east, with daylight at the top and base. It contained three basins or trough areas, smoothly connected to the slide parts of the slide, at the top, middle, and base. I think I was standing on a flat area on the north side of the slide, whence was also some soft lighting from a table lamp. A few of the SNL cast (Andy, Bobby) were there.
  • In a totally separate scene were athletic fields with, to my surprise, newly installed soft, padded turf fields among them. I seemed to be crawling to the right (west) of the curving golflike path over the padded fields. The edge of the woods was somewhat close to the south-southwest but further away elsewhere, with a particularly long view to the south-southeast, and there were no signs of building.


From an evening nap on the 13th: I waited for over an hour (from about 6 to 7 PM; it was a blue cloudy twilight during that time) at a tram stop (in the Forest Park public golf course flats, or somewhere similar) with friends to go home. The track curved around southward then eastward; the platform was on the west side, with the track at grade. With each passing tram (all traveling south), some bumps in the ground along the tracks just a little ways to the right of the platform seemed to be ground against a little worse by the tram each time. Once on the correct tram (at which point it was still overcast but with a more nearly daytime-like light level), I had to look for the stop at the road, Kulmi, that my house was on. The brass skeleton key to the house had stamped directions on which stop to get off at and where to go; I missed the stop and kept consulting the key for what to do then, and I think I got off at the next stop to walk back to Kulmi. Near Kulmi the area the tram was going through seemed to be fairly open to the left (the south) and wooded, with thickets of trees right by the tracks, to the right (the north), with Kulmi fairly concealed on that side by the trees.

radial waves

From the 8th: I was producing radial interference patterns (like the Gonjasufi album cover IRL, I think that’s where my brain got it from) on a projection screen that I was controlling with a handheld box while standing near the screen. The controllable parameters seemed to be the size of the pattern and a whole number that determined the shape of the pattern; I shifted it up in odd numbers from 1 to 7 (1 was a simple radial sine wave, 3 was eye-like, 5 and 7 were more multi-centered, with 5 maybe having five centers). I think the room was non-daylit.

hill base trail

From the 5th: I was near home in NH, just across the road from the house, pushing/ghost-riding the Saab along/near an additional dirt road that curved down the hill to the east (it was a mostly open area besides a few trees). I kept pushing it up along a bank to keep it from getting stuck; I was being led (by one of my WU friends) to an area at the base of the hill, in the woods, where there was a compact, bounded sort of open area, like an outdoor vestibule, with an opening to a trail continuing further east. Once I went down there, instead of being a basically overcast, early-spring forenoon, it was a green-season afternoon (with northwest sun) and the vestibule area was facing north, not east. It was maybe a chapel of some sort; I talked with a friendly guy who was working on it about it; other people were around too. There was a sharp cliffy climb back up to the south and it jutted out on the west side as well; the northern edge of the vestibule or part of it was an almost benchlike, raised lip hanging over the slightly lower ground level of the woods beyond. The trail/road proceeded north from there, as mentioned, and disappeared into the woods. A seemingly connected bit of the dream had me and maybe some others following the trail/road quite a ways through the woods and discovering that it had to jog around a house lot that was in the middle of the woods.

cruller fire

All right wow, let’s see if I can get this whole-April backlog done by midnight (i.e. Mayday). (The only thing that motivates this is to have these show up under the correct month in the archive list.) From the 3rd, naptime:

  • I was reading a reading titled “The Civil War of [?]” (where the term I forgot was not ‘factories,’ but something related) — referring to the Industrial Revolution — it was part of my Metropolitan Urbanism (one of my courses this semester IRL) reading. A small group of us were reading/discussing it in what seemed like a locker room, but more domestically finished — a narrow space running east-west with wooden benches along the edges, with a door on the north side and more space in the room to the south and east. I seemed to place-daydream about the eastern woods edge of the cemetery in NH as well.
  • In the same scene, there was a spread of weird dessert stuff on a small table in the west part of the family room at home in NH, which included: a gravy bowl of melted chocolate ice cream; cherry juice; crullers, one of which my dad and I tried topping with the “sundae” things and then lighting on fire. It actually tasted rather good after that, unbelievably.