leafy ski

This are from the 20th.

  • Along with friends, I was riding what seems to have been similar to a roller coaster, but it was a public transit service and its rails seemed to stay on the ground. The track proceeded in twists around trees down an east-facing slope of pine woods toward the home station. We had told the conductor that we could get off near the end of the line, though maybe a station or two before. As we whirled around the trees, the trees themselves seemed to spin, and accompanying music was playing.
  • I was cross-country skiing up into the hinterland south of Antrim Rd (it, I think, dead-ended in the woods, unlike IRL) with a friend, not on snow but on leaf-covered ground, as it was autumn. The trees were bare, I think, but the early-afternoon sun was out and the whole scene seemed to be tan, the trees and leaves and light. We turned up to the southeast, heading up a slope, and got to a smallish cabin that seemed to be a rest spot for hikers (/skiers). It was very dark inside the southern room of the cabin, though there were still views out, maybe through screened window openings. We encountered another few people recreating, either at the cabin or after we left it again and headed back down the slope whence we approached.

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