grocery browser

Sceveral scenes from the 21st:

  • I was at an EMS store, which was rather oddly laid out, as it contained quite a few smallish retail rooms arrayed along a north-south hallway which I proceeded through going southward. All the walls were brown, maybe masonite. It was mid- to late afternoon, though the only way I know that is from indirect light coming from the southern end of the hallway, as the retail rooms were windowless and instead fluorescent-lit. I think I was interestedly looking at merchandise, though I don’t know whether I was just browsing or had something particular in mind.
  • I rode the bus, which became the train, with people from at least CV & Wms, traveling south on an afternoon, I think.
  • I attended a meeting with people from around town (Hancock) to learn about a specialized grocery-purchase web browser, which took place in a room on an elevated floor with windows on at least the east, north, and west sides, and with morning light coming in, though I was facing northwest, away from the sun. I think the building was on the south side of Hancock’s Main St. (This is rather close to RL old HES, now that I think of it.) The walls, I think, were gray-blue. Later, I bought lox and another kind of fish with the browser, unable to resist their lure; I started eating it while on the long second-floor balcony of an old gingerbread-house-like building, which was maybe on the north side of Main St, perhaps catty-corner from the building where the meeting took place. It was colorful scene with lots of people in the street and on the balcony.
  • I was riding a coach bus southward through a New Englandy rural area late in the afternoon and mentally going over where I was going to insert food pictures within the set of pages of my Europe website (I was moving backwards through the list and got up to the Tallinn departure page, which IRL is the latest page I had and have completed).

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