ferry approach

This is from the 8th.

  • A ferry was pulling in fast (curving around counterclockwise, bending around to the south) to a west-facing shore at night; a bunch of us (WU types, I think) were standing on the beach to board it. The boat was shrouded in a fog cloud that moved with it. (Mysterious!) A bright light shone from up the shore to the north, maybe from buildings yonder. The speed of the ferry pushed water far up the beach up to and beyond where we were standing, so everyone was trying and failing to avoid getting their feet wet.
  • I rediscovered, in the late afternoon or maybe evening twilight, in my room in NH (though seemingly fused with a WU setting) a bas-relief elevation of the wall of kitchen cabinets that I had forgotten having made; it was mostly white but with dark gray and black details like the handles of appliances, the handles being tapered and with a wavy side profile, like hairpins. It was quite lovely.

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