Barcelona streets

From the 26th, in what I think I understood as Barcelona, or at least was a dense old European city, on a sunny mid-afternoon, I was walking north on a flat, straight road with dense building to the left and shady woods, maybe individual buildings, to the right, and with a perpendicular linear area of woods ahead to the left that formed a visual boundary from the area further down the road to the north. I turned left onto a street, a slight downhill, maybe a dead end. On the south side of the street a couple of buildings down was a red brick one with a gable of low slope; it was slightly shorter than the adjacent one to the east, with, I think, a small window high up and two pigeons on small ledges protruding from the wall a bit below the window (spread wide apart from each other), which initially appeared to be windows themselves because of the glare of the sun. Pleased, I snapped pix of the composition with my camera.

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