Barcelona hills

From the 25th: near the end of the Barcelona studio, our class went up to the southeast part of city (a warped version of it, more alpine and overcast, and seemingly inland) on a steep curvaceous highway or railroad. We ended up at an elevated old modernist complex with glazed walls; it had a square courtyard plan but with a circular room in the middle of the courtyard, linked by a diagonal connector to one of the edge wings. It was a fresh overcast day. We abode in either the east edge wing or the middle room, and there were views into the courtyard and beyond to the northwest, to the countryside below and the mountains beyond that. The room was mostly open but with some classic modern furniture and maybe a large low display case. It seemed that we had been there once before earlier in the session. Later we went by the Museu Miró, which was perched over the left side of the highway up on a slope and elevated/cantilevered even off the slope, with similar white filleted volumes as the RL one.

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