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From the 29th, i.e. two days ago, I was at home in NH, looking out the kitchen windows or doorway to the backyard at night. In the far western sky, in the large crook of the tree line, a large green rocket flew up and to the right, and there was a hail of other meteor-like lights in the same area of sky. A robot-shaped UFO landed in the vegetable garden; its feet were box-shaped and were as if filled with sparklers, setting off yellow-white sparks all over the place and moving up and down in a cycling motion. I opened the door hesitantly (having reluctantly been given the responsibility to do so) to receive the aliens, but it turned out to be just some dudes who had built the robot for fun. (But that still didn’t explain how they got it to fly.)

Barcelona streets

From the 26th, in what I think I understood as Barcelona, or at least was a dense old European city, on a sunny mid-afternoon, I was walking north on a flat, straight road with dense building to the left and shady woods, maybe individual buildings, to the right, and with a perpendicular linear area of woods ahead to the left that formed a visual boundary from the area further down the road to the north. I turned left onto a street, a slight downhill, maybe a dead end. On the south side of the street a couple of buildings down was a red brick one with a gable of low slope; it was slightly shorter than the adjacent one to the east, with, I think, a small window high up and two pigeons on small ledges protruding from the wall a bit below the window (spread wide apart from each other), which initially appeared to be windows themselves because of the glare of the sun. Pleased, I snapped pix of the composition with my camera.

Barcelona hills

From the 25th: near the end of the Barcelona studio, our class went up to the southeast part of city (a warped version of it, more alpine and overcast, and seemingly inland) on a steep curvaceous highway or railroad. We ended up at an elevated old modernist complex with glazed walls; it had a square courtyard plan but with a circular room in the middle of the courtyard, linked by a diagonal connector to one of the edge wings. It was a fresh overcast day. We abode in either the east edge wing or the middle room, and there were views into the courtyard and beyond to the northwest, to the countryside below and the mountains beyond that. The room was mostly open but with some classic modern furniture and maybe a large low display case. It seemed that we had been there once before earlier in the session. Later we went by the Museu Miró, which was perched over the left side of the highway up on a slope and elevated/cantilevered even off the slope, with similar white filleted volumes as the RL one.

grocery browser

Sceveral scenes from the 21st:

  • I was at an EMS store, which was rather oddly laid out, as it contained quite a few smallish retail rooms arrayed along a north-south hallway which I proceeded through going southward. All the walls were brown, maybe masonite. It was mid- to late afternoon, though the only way I know that is from indirect light coming from the southern end of the hallway, as the retail rooms were windowless and instead fluorescent-lit. I think I was interestedly looking at merchandise, though I don’t know whether I was just browsing or had something particular in mind.
  • I rode the bus, which became the train, with people from at least CV & Wms, traveling south on an afternoon, I think.
  • I attended a meeting with people from around town (Hancock) to learn about a specialized grocery-purchase web browser, which took place in a room on an elevated floor with windows on at least the east, north, and west sides, and with morning light coming in, though I was facing northwest, away from the sun. I think the building was on the south side of Hancock’s Main St. (This is rather close to RL old HES, now that I think of it.) The walls, I think, were gray-blue. Later, I bought lox and another kind of fish with the browser, unable to resist their lure; I started eating it while on the long second-floor balcony of an old gingerbread-house-like building, which was maybe on the north side of Main St, perhaps catty-corner from the building where the meeting took place. It was colorful scene with lots of people in the street and on the balcony.
  • I was riding a coach bus southward through a New Englandy rural area late in the afternoon and mentally going over where I was going to insert food pictures within the set of pages of my Europe website (I was moving backwards through the list and got up to the Tallinn departure page, which IRL is the latest page I had and have completed).

leafy ski

This are from the 20th.

  • Along with friends, I was riding what seems to have been similar to a roller coaster, but it was a public transit service and its rails seemed to stay on the ground. The track proceeded in twists around trees down an east-facing slope of pine woods toward the home station. We had told the conductor that we could get off near the end of the line, though maybe a station or two before. As we whirled around the trees, the trees themselves seemed to spin, and accompanying music was playing.
  • I was cross-country skiing up into the hinterland south of Antrim Rd (it, I think, dead-ended in the woods, unlike IRL) with a friend, not on snow but on leaf-covered ground, as it was autumn. The trees were bare, I think, but the early-afternoon sun was out and the whole scene seemed to be tan, the trees and leaves and light. We turned up to the southeast, heading up a slope, and got to a smallish cabin that seemed to be a rest spot for hikers (/skiers). It was very dark inside the southern room of the cabin, though there were still views out, maybe through screened window openings. We encountered another few people recreating, either at the cabin or after we left it again and headed back down the slope whence we approached.

dove appearance

This is a small memory from the 14th: in NH, I was looking through lots of clothes and trying to distinguish stuffed animals (Ooni & Una); a mourning dove appeared in the corner of my parents’ room and was flying around, and it landed on my finger a few times, which was awesome.

whiskey distillery

This is from the 13th.

  • In NH, I think, my family was running a distillery making some kind of whiskey, but with maybe a more fruity flavor. We were presenting on it to a group of people of various ages in a wood-paneled, low-ceilinged, darkened function room (with daylight coming from the south part of the east wall, which was the only wall with windows; the doors to the room were on the south wall; we were standing near the west end of the north wall). The distillery itself was in a fresh unpainted-wood barn with translucent skylights at the southeast end of a field with a road along the east side (similar to ours IRL but not quite the same); there seemed also to be another barn at the northeast end of the field, because at one point on a sunny midday I was standing in its doorway looking toward the distillery barn, while, I think, my dad was talking to somebody else from town who had dropped by in his pickup truck.
  • I woke up in NH at about 6AM one day, just because, and was reminded that the Run for the Honey was that morning, which I had forgotten about; but I was up early enough on the day to run it anyway, and I happened to be well-prepared for it from recent runs.
  • In my notes, an additional line with a lone hyphen abided, suggesting an additional dream memory that is now lost to the sands of time.

ferry approach

This is from the 8th.

  • A ferry was pulling in fast (curving around counterclockwise, bending around to the south) to a west-facing shore at night; a bunch of us (WU types, I think) were standing on the beach to board it. The boat was shrouded in a fog cloud that moved with it. (Mysterious!) A bright light shone from up the shore to the north, maybe from buildings yonder. The speed of the ferry pushed water far up the beach up to and beyond where we were standing, so everyone was trying and failing to avoid getting their feet wet.
  • I rediscovered, in the late afternoon or maybe evening twilight, in my room in NH (though seemingly fused with a WU setting) a bas-relief elevation of the wall of kitchen cabinets that I had forgotten having made; it was mostly white but with dark gray and black details like the handles of appliances, the handles being tapered and with a wavy side profile, like hairpins. It was quite lovely.

Glasgow landing

Well look at this, another great big backlog built up over the course of almost the whole of March, and I’m going to try to get these all done before the stroke of midnight (and the onset of April Fool’s) so that the monthly archives don’t get distorted. First up is from the 3rd, and here’s what my notes tell me:

  • While seemingly already at a terrestrial vantage point, at night, looking southwest or so, I perceived that we were zooming in toward Earth from space; we approached Great Britain, then Glasgow, eventually landing there. Very steampunk. (This is curious because IRL I know very little about Glasgow.)
  • At another point, there was a building on a ski mountain leading up the slope; I went up a ways and looked out from it. (I’m not sure what “leading up the slope” means here, as I don’t remember this scene directly, but it’s what my notes say.)
  • At yet another point, a group of us in, I suppose, a charrette, were picking preferences for a (graduate) schooling location in New Orleans by placing little model pieces of the campuses/buildings in consideration onto a satellite map at the same scale in order of preference. One area, which then became the direct point of view, was by the river, along the eastern side of crescent (south of the Central Biztrict), with two long modern buildings, one having a shed-size section and maybe a black roof, and the other being larger and maybe of concrete or plaster; the site was large and flat and was maybe a wharf of the port; there were possibly other buildings around. The interior of the light building was open all the way through and surrounded by translucent windows. It was early morning, with low hazy northeast sunlight.