moon satellite

Just a couple of vignettes from last night: first, I acquired a glossy, thick softcover book on suburbs & urbanism that was very skillfully illustrated with maps and diagrams; in particular there were several maps of an area with a shore to the north, with the water white and the land various deep magenta hues, slightly contrasting by region, growing gradually darker toward the south. I also envisioned, connected to this inquiry on suburbs, as if looking at a photograph but being more present than that, a south-facing bird’s-eye view on a bright overcast day of a house at the right edge of a suburban cul-de-sac peastone drive (extending southward) with a swingset next to it and maybe a chain-link fence behind the house and swings in front of the lawn beyond. The land beyond was fairly open and the view was fairly far; there may have been more houses along the drive past the one house.

Also, the moon had its own small satellite, rather like Pluto and Charon; I didn’t see this, but I remembered it, also recalling old 16th-century drawings of the phenomenon as viewed through a telescope, like Galileo’s drawings, with maybe both the moon and the satellite in crescent phase.

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