lakeshore ride

Well oops here we go with another backlog. This first one goes back almost an entire month, to January 23rd:

  • I was walking up a cobblestone street (going north, and up a slight slope) in a medieval part of Stockholm with some friends after dark; we went through vaulted areas that were almost enclosed but still connected to the street by each other without doorways in between. They were lit usually by fairly bright incandescent sconces, just one per room, as were the streets.
  • I guess I was on a bus with a bunch of people from school, maybe on a field trip or something, riding through an area with distant views and a bright midday sunny sky. A meal was served, I think, and maybe what I got was fish; subsequently there was discussion about maybe a prawn meal as an alternative, which perhaps I would have preferred (this has, as you can probably tell, become wildly vague, as my only notes for this scene were “fish prawn bus”).
  • Another scene started out as me riding in a car with my dad through southern Harrisville, where the landscape was flat and a mix of bog and sparse woods. The sunlight was stark white and brittle, as on a fresh fall day. At some point the ride morphed into a bus with a bunch of classmates, similar to the aforementioned one, and it proceeded through a rolling road in evergreen woods following the shore of a lake. At one point some tall towers standing in the lake, Dubai-like in their incongruity, hove into view. Eventually we reached a beach on the north side of a lake, maybe the same one, by which time it was mostly bright overcast. There was a soft rubber mat covering a large area on the beach, and it was maybe partly covered by sand.
  • At some point, in some place, I was getting various oil paints out onto a rectangular wood palette.

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