Katajanokka: Subtropical Edition

From Feb. 13: I was nominally on Katajanokka (Helsinki), but the landscape was less urban, hillier, verdant, and it seemed to be a more Mediterranean climate, culture, and built environment. It was a sunny warm afternoon; on the southeast side of the island was an old long brick warehouse (similar to the RL port buildings on Katajanokka) plus Uspenski, with an open vista to the water and more of the city. Just to the northwest of this were woods, and beyond that was a hilly clearing (sloping down to the northwest, up toward the woods by the Uspenski area) with a small monastic chapel on the southwest side; the clearing mostly shaded at that point in the afternoon. A road connected the clearing to a nearby village area further northwest.

At one point I was riding shotgun in a car, I think, driving west/northwest along a high-up road on the southwest side of the island, with the water and sun visible to the left and trees overhanging on the right side, with buildings also to the right. Suddenly an action movie broke out: ahead and above I spotted a helicopter flying low, towing a police car (with its lights flashing) suspended by cables. The police car morphed into a sci-fi-looking aircraft with smooth wings and a keel the same shape as the wings, the helicopter let it go, and both the helicopter and the aircraft sped on forth.

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