dark marathon

From Feb. 12: some WU friends were running the Boston Marathon; I was spectating at what seemed similar to Tremont St. The street ran north-south, and a flat straight sidewalk/park path ran parallel and adjacent to (on the west side of) it, edging a park on the west side. Tall ornamental grasses were planted in beds between the sidewalk and street; there were also locust trees or something similar, with small leaves at least. It was nominally April, but the leaves were yellow and were being shed sort of all at once in the highly gusty wind, which someone commented on as heralding fall for real. There were dark gray stormlike clouds all over the sky, though no rain or thunder; the dim conditions were lightened some by streetlights, and the air was mild despite the high winds. My friends ran by surprisingly fast, going north, negotiating a jog in the course over from the sidewalk to maybe the street itself near where I was standing, and we bystanders cheered them on heartily.

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