Monthly Archives: February 2010

moon satellite

Just a couple of vignettes from last night: first, I acquired a glossy, thick softcover book on suburbs & urbanism that was very skillfully illustrated with maps and diagrams; in particular there were several maps of an area with a shore to the north, with the water white and the land various deep magenta hues, slightly contrasting by region, growing gradually darker toward the south. I also envisioned, connected to this inquiry on suburbs, as if looking at a photograph but being more present than that, a south-facing bird’s-eye view on a bright overcast day of a house at the right edge of a suburban cul-de-sac peastone drive (extending southward) with a swingset next to it and maybe a chain-link fence behind the house and swings in front of the lawn beyond. The land beyond was fairly open and the view was fairly far; there may have been more houses along the drive past the one house.

Also, the moon had its own small satellite, rather like Pluto and Charon; I didn’t see this, but I remembered it, also recalling old 16th-century drawings of the phenomenon as viewed through a telescope, like Galileo’s drawings, with maybe both the moon and the satellite in crescent phase.

fish penguin aquarium

From Feb. 20, i.e. yesterday: I was with some WU friends, driving east through an area much like the north edge of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans by the railroad and Bayou Bienvenue. It was an overcast day. The difference with RL was that there was a large elevated infrastructure element, some sort of openwork railway or something, with cross-truss supports of various sizes along the way; we were driving parallel to it, eastward, perhaps directly under it.

In another scene, I took a look inside a home aquarium tank, where swimming around were bright blue-and-yellow fish, nearly circular in profile, and very cute. I then noticed some miniature penguins (about 8″ tall) bobbing around on a faux rock formation in the back left of the tank; they were also adorable.

land cylinders

From Feb. 16: it was early-sun morning on a wetland-like plain near a city, maybe Boston. Out of the wetland rose about three great cylindrical volumes, some upright, one maybe sideways, which took up the deep-green leafy wetland vegetation on their flat edges in a strange mobile land art kind of deal.

Katajanokka: Subtropical Edition

From Feb. 13: I was nominally on Katajanokka (Helsinki), but the landscape was less urban, hillier, verdant, and it seemed to be a more Mediterranean climate, culture, and built environment. It was a sunny warm afternoon; on the southeast side of the island was an old long brick warehouse (similar to the RL port buildings on Katajanokka) plus Uspenski, with an open vista to the water and more of the city. Just to the northwest of this were woods, and beyond that was a hilly clearing (sloping down to the northwest, up toward the woods by the Uspenski area) with a small monastic chapel on the southwest side; the clearing mostly shaded at that point in the afternoon. A road connected the clearing to a nearby village area further northwest.

At one point I was riding shotgun in a car, I think, driving west/northwest along a high-up road on the southwest side of the island, with the water and sun visible to the left and trees overhanging on the right side, with buildings also to the right. Suddenly an action movie broke out: ahead and above I spotted a helicopter flying low, towing a police car (with its lights flashing) suspended by cables. The police car morphed into a sci-fi-looking aircraft with smooth wings and a keel the same shape as the wings, the helicopter let it go, and both the helicopter and the aircraft sped on forth.

dark marathon

From Feb. 12: some WU friends were running the Boston Marathon; I was spectating at what seemed similar to Tremont St. The street ran north-south, and a flat straight sidewalk/park path ran parallel and adjacent to (on the west side of) it, edging a park on the west side. Tall ornamental grasses were planted in beds between the sidewalk and street; there were also locust trees or something similar, with small leaves at least. It was nominally April, but the leaves were yellow and were being shed sort of all at once in the highly gusty wind, which someone commented on as heralding fall for real. There were dark gray stormlike clouds all over the sky, though no rain or thunder; the dim conditions were lightened some by streetlights, and the air was mild despite the high winds. My friends ran by surprisingly fast, going north, negotiating a jog in the course over from the sidewalk to maybe the street itself near where I was standing, and we bystanders cheered them on heartily.

495 house

This is from Feb. 7. It’s just one vignette — a house just west of Massachusetts I-495, which comprised three long volumes parallel to each other, running north-south with courtyard space between each adjacent pair. It took some time to figure out where it was on Googmaps, but it was obvious once located. The point of view was both the satellite image and, maybe later, from the ground southwest of the house, a distance away, on a hazy morning. The land seemed to be mostly open fields or lawn; there was a clear view beyond the house over to an elevated section of 495, the structure and the vehicles on it heatwaving in the distance.

lakeshore ride

Well oops here we go with another backlog. This first one goes back almost an entire month, to January 23rd:

  • I was walking up a cobblestone street (going north, and up a slight slope) in a medieval part of Stockholm with some friends after dark; we went through vaulted areas that were almost enclosed but still connected to the street by each other without doorways in between. They were lit usually by fairly bright incandescent sconces, just one per room, as were the streets.
  • I guess I was on a bus with a bunch of people from school, maybe on a field trip or something, riding through an area with distant views and a bright midday sunny sky. A meal was served, I think, and maybe what I got was fish; subsequently there was discussion about maybe a prawn meal as an alternative, which perhaps I would have preferred (this has, as you can probably tell, become wildly vague, as my only notes for this scene were “fish prawn bus”).
  • Another scene started out as me riding in a car with my dad through southern Harrisville, where the landscape was flat and a mix of bog and sparse woods. The sunlight was stark white and brittle, as on a fresh fall day. At some point the ride morphed into a bus with a bunch of classmates, similar to the aforementioned one, and it proceeded through a rolling road in evergreen woods following the shore of a lake. At one point some tall towers standing in the lake, Dubai-like in their incongruity, hove into view. Eventually we reached a beach on the north side of a lake, maybe the same one, by which time it was mostly bright overcast. There was a soft rubber mat covering a large area on the beach, and it was maybe partly covered by sand.
  • At some point, in some place, I was getting various oil paints out onto a rectangular wood palette.