Oh well hmm I remembered something from last night but have forgotten it since, but from the night before I remember just a couple of images: (1) at a twilighty time, accidentally leaving my rainjacket on a rocky area on a north-facing shore and being about to leave, maybe on a bus, but then remembering and retrieving it; (2) arriving with a class maybe at a campground-like place in the woods that we were going to stay at for a little bit; it was a sunny, summery early afternoon, and we were walking south past some clearings of various sizes; the place we were staying at was adjacent, I think, to a building, at the east edge of a small clearing with a larger clearing visible to the west; but the beds were out in the open air, just a whole row of twin-size beds side to side with a few feet of space in between each, and with a two- or three-inch stepdown in the ground level from one bed to the next. Weird.

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