harbor room room hall

What I recall from last night was fairly action-filled; some connecting bits have faded since I woke up, but I know that there was an overall arc of the Doctor and, I think, his son (neither of which was me, I was an unspecified observer) having to escape from something. At one point they climbed up on some sort of platform, or maybe it was the deck of a large boat, at the edge of a harbor; the identity of the Doctor seemed unclear for a bit but soon crystallized to the Seventh Doctor, while a couple of other versions (the Sixth in particular) made appearances on the platform as well, maybe to mention a thing. The Doctor was talking quite excitedly about how they needed to stay ahead of the pursuers, and electronic swirls seemed to emanate from his eyes and mouth as he said this. The setting was sunny but with darkish clouds dominant in the sky. A later scene was in a windowless, maybe underground room, lit by fluorescent lights, long in the east-west direction, with storage shelves with all sorts of food on the west end, like the back room of a grocery store, which this seemed to indeed possibly be, and a couches and TV setup. The Doctor and his son, I guess, saw that they could safely hang out there indefinitely because of the ready supply of food and entertainment. Other people seemed to be around as well.

I just remembered the setting from another scene, which was a long shared bedroom in an apartment in a large hotel. The bedroom was on the top floor and faced a courtyard (possibly not extending all the way to the ground, but rather with a lower part of the roof as its base) on its south edge, and the exterior wall stepped south and east to create smaller spaces in the bedroom for each of the roommates. On the south side of the courtyard was an upper public hall of the hotel, which I initially mistook for another part of the bedroom; it contained a seating area, maybe a function room, maybe some stairs, and passageways to other parts of the hotel toward the south, from which bright south light was emerging.

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