possum case

OK just some quick rememberings from last nite: (1) I had a set of stacked folded PJ pants that were in Dad’s closet for some reason, and they started shifting around a bit as if an animal were nestled in, which was the case. At first when it peeked out it looked like a mouse, but then it turned and walked a bit and its body was much bigger than a mouse’s, so I became worried that it was a rat. However, it revealed itself to be a possum. Apparently the house had been having an ongoing possum problem. (2) A more vague memory is of playing basketball, I think, in a room or hall, maybe a gym, maybe something else. At any rate there were a bunch of other people around on the “court,” who we had to weave between while playing the game, so maybe it wasn’t an actual court. I think the floor was slippery as well, so we were sliding around a fair amount.

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