ferry caravan

Gotta get my act together a little bit here in the new decade. I don’t want to make this one of those ol’ three-post months. Anyway, here’s a couple of things I remember from, I’m pretty sure, last night:

  • On a sunny afternoon, I was navigating a ferry through some fairly restricted waters, where the setting seemed to be a fusion of Amsterdam’s canals, the backyard in NH, and maybe Utö. I was following the Eivor ferry (which we IRL took to and from Utö last winter & spring) and a rowboat being rowed incredibly quickly and smoothly and keeping up with the ferries. We had to make a lot of turns around bridges and rocks and so on.
  • Perhaps in a different part of the same scene, I located and restored a large quartz rock (about 2′ high and wide and about 1′ deep) to a place in or near the house where it had traditionally been.

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