Oops, I’ve been letting some remembered scenes go by without even setting them down in a draft. I remember one scene though from each of the night before last and last night, which I’m just going to mash out both of in this post. What I remember from the first night is that I was assuming the role of a student in the USSR, who along with three other students was going to try to clandestinely escape the country. I was confused about where exactly I was and remember consulting with my parents on this seemingly prior to actually being there (we had to check the kitchen for bugs that might have been planted by the authorities). The plan seemed to be to take a train to Sweden and then to Finland around the Gulf of Bothnia, and then to fly to the US. In my head this was because Sweden, being a quasi-socialist state, was accessible from the USSR, and Finland was accessible from Sweden. There were a few locations, the first one being the covered entryway of a school building in, I guess, wherever we were in the USSR, with a glazed wall adjacent (on the east side), and we the students were entering the building at dusk; maybe it was raining; there was a lot of low-level artificial light from street lights and the inside of the building. There was the NH kitchen, as aforementioned, also lit dimly; there was a flying-overhead view of the NH field while I was hearing about the train travel plans. Weird.

The scene I remember from last night, then, is that on a warm sunny late afternoon in a summery season I was at a sort of ocean-scale version of the Norway Pond beach, and there were some amusing party people doing antics; I hung around for a while, there were a few friends there, and as I was about to leave, a whole slew of other friends arrived and congregated by a large tree on the beach (a palm?) and I stayed and hung out with them.

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