review prep

Finally, here we are, all caught up. I woke up this morning (the 19th) into a dream that it was 1:40 PM and I had a review the very same afternoon. I had to readjust the excessively blurred paths and nodes on my site plan, which were in white, against a black background (with more colorful elements present as well), before I could print it out. I no longer recall what the inner dream was before that. I also have a memory that seemed to accompany the above, that I was walking or running along a winding open green space bordered by woods, extended generally east-west but with many turns, almost like a river through woods without the river; it was a sunny afternoon. It was somewhat Jensenesque except that the sun-opening was continuous, not episodic. Anyway, when I woke up for real and realized that final review and all the rest of my work for the semester had IRL come and gone already and that I didn’t really actually need to do that much today (besides catch up on this dang backlog), it was a wonderful flood of relief.

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