Norway slides

From the 17th (getting close!): I was in wintry Norway, but the clearing I was in was like the RL west edge (seemed like southeast) of the 14th hole at Port Royal Golf Course in Bermuda, with long view toward north (RL southeast) and southwest (RL north — this reminds me of how messed up my directions at Whale Bay are, similar to Helsinki [see previous post]). It was twilight; late deep daylight was coming mainly from the northwest. It was snowy and icy; I was traversing a ridge on southeast border of the clearing next to the woods. The ridge had a line of bowls (only about 10′ wide) carved into it, while it was flattish in the middle of the clearing. The height of the ridge increased toward the southwest; at the beginning, at the northeast end, I was able to slide down the bowls gently, but as I moved southwest, the slopes were more and more jagged, and I had to step down. There tended to be steps of stacked slate near the bases of these steeper bowls to aid in the climb, but the steps were oft somewhat iced-up, so that much care was still needed for the descents. At some points the bowls seemed to face a different direction than the main clearing, such as toward the northeast.

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