From the 7th: I had a funny coincidence of a dream where I dreamt that I had some minor surgery on my right knee, and it was bandaged up afterward in such a way that the bandage was ridged up above the incision, but it wasn’t noticeable — my knee had full range of motion, and I didn’t even feel the bandage on it without touching it with my hand. Shortly after dreaming that, I awoke and had to move both my hands, because they were both asleep. IT WAS A COINCIDENCE BECAUSE I DREAMT ABOUT SOMETHING BEING MESSED UP WITH ONE OF MY LIMBS AND THEN WHEN I WOKE UP THERE WAS SOMETHING MESSED UP WITH MY LIMBS (A DIFFERENT THING) Anyway a few things I also remember from the dream are that when recalling the surgery, I was sitting down at an outside north-south table, facing west, with a steep hill rising just beyond, and some of the Helsinki group were also there, although some of the people weren’t RL Helsinki people but maybe CV people. I had just ordered breakfast, even though it seemed to be late afternoon (with the sun behind the hill and the sky a bright blue), having picked up a juice, maybe, at the counter (which was just to the south of the table and seemed to be inside a building, the room it was in having a black wall finish; the counter was U-shaped or such, pointing north); a few others had gotten items at the counter as well. Then when a waitress came by the table to take our orders, I answered in halting French, because apparently we were in a francophone place. I was like “ce jus… [that I’d already gotten] et un… sandwich? Mais je ne sais pas ce que vous avez pour sandwichs, alors… avez-vous un menu?” (I think that syntax was more German, oh well.) I don’t remember whether there was a menu available, but the waitress definitely said that a sandwich could be procured, although it seemed to be a non-standard thing at breakfast, so they would have to go down to the dock (which was maybe an adjoining annex to the south that served lunch) to get it.

The other scene I recall is more vague, just that I was in the north part of a smallish, squarish room with windows to the east, north, and west, and with Venetian blinds maybe pulled down over all the windows, but with late orange sunlight shining in through the blinds from the southwest, and there seemed to be a bunch of stuff in the room like file cabinets and a desk maybe that the sunlight was hitting. Kind of a noir-like scene, except it was more like “film orange.”

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