lights duty

(From, and fully written on, the 8th.) Hmm, after coming to from a 10h sleep, I remembered a lot of vignettes from my dreams, but now only a couple of them remain; this first one is a bit lacking as it is: I was setting off on a run, going south on a trail where it started from a road and maybe an area of a town; there was a stand of evergreens to its left and maybe an open area on the right; it was a vague part of the daytime, maybe afternoon; I started off but then some other people nearby caused me to have to start over, not because of getting in my way or something, but just because of some neurosis of my own. The other scene I currently remember is that, at night, I was supposed to take care of turning off (or turning on, I forget which) the lights in the front rooms of the four first-floor apartments of my building (double the RL number), as their occupants were out or away. This involved reaching in through the bay windows (which seemed to be ajar in all cases) and pulling long strings that were pull switches for the lights. Kind of creepy all in all. The rooms were different colors; one was light sky blue and another was maybe peachy off-white.

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