glazed bookstore

Oops, The Biggest Backlog (15 pots!) has developed in the past almost-month. I really need to start just finishing these when I start them, if that makes sense. This current mess snowballed because I began accumulating drafts before final review week and then of course during that week there was no hope of spending any time catching up on this. Now though, with a free, lazy day, I’m determined to see this through. This first one is from Nov. 25th. First I was in a building, long north-south, with its eastern wall mostly glazed. It was evening twilight, and the building was mostly empty, but there were still some lights on. The main space had a high ceiling, but to the left was a smaller room, also visible from outside, where there were shelves of books on offer for $1.25; in addition there were recommendations on a board for particular topics of books to acquire, e.g. the subject of patterns and subcategories thereof. There was something do with my having a certain number of quarters, I think, to buy books with.

I was in a WU seminar with attendance reduced (to five people) due to people leaving for Thanksgiving (I’m leaving for Xmas in a couple of days, that’s how long this has been waiting to be published) in room 112B at CV; it was a sunny day outside, I think. Subsequently a video was projected on the west wall (the window of which had been closed or had disappeared) with more people in the room, who had been lined up east-to-west in a particular configuration. Later I was outside in a place like a fusion between by the northeast corner of the boatshop and the fields outside Monadnock Community Hospital, and a lot of other people, maybe my age but possible younger, I don’t remember, were around as well. It was a sunny late morning. There was a larger open area to the southeast, anyway, a building to the west, and a smaller open area bordered by pine woods to the northeast of the building, and the lawn sloped up sharply toward the building, with a flatter area right next to the corner of the building, a little bit obscured by some saplings from the rest of the space. I circled up to this spot at one point to be able to observe the action at a bit of a remove; there seemed to be some sort of rumble happening, although I don’t remember anything actually violent coming to pass. Some people were running around and others were all atwitter about the instability of the situation.

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